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MAHS Investment Holding Limited (MIH)

MIH is the holding company of MAHS Group of Companies. MAHS Group is an upcoming growth oriented Trading, FMCG, Real-estate & Engineering Services group that believes in serving the needs and expectations of customers globally. MAHS supplies best in class FMCG products and Engineering Services of International Standards at most competitive prices.

We believe in anticipating and responding to customers' needs and preferences, and serve them by building relationships with all our business partners. By maintaining open communication lines we make sure to understand and adapt to the changing market dynamics and customer behavior.

We are an employer that provides equal opportunities to all, maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment to encourage and inspire innovation, nurture talent and promote employee involvement through recognition and providing growth opportunities. We will always serve by upholding our principles of being an Ethical, Socially Responsible and Environmental Friendly Corporate Citizen in all the markets that we operate in without any compromise on our core values


The AFM (Afri-MAHS) group is a leading consumer goods, trading and distribution company in the region of Africa. We have expanded to over 5 countries including Congo, Madagascar, Senegal, Ghana and Mozambique.

As the population in African countries grows, so does demand for quality food and consumer products. As one of the leading trading and distribution company in Africa, AFM plays a pivotal role in meeting these needs.

To contribute and improve the lives of African people has been one of the main aims of our group. Our purpose is to provide our clientele with the highest quality products and therefore improving their quality of life.

In return, we will gain credibility and reliability, leading to more sales and profits. To reach new unsurpassed levels of client satisfaction, improvement to us at AFM is a non-ending cycle, aiming for higher targets every year.

Besides that, we produce and source for the food/agro commodities that are essential for a better life to millions of people around the globe.